Two Cedar Waxwings

By Tony Henneberg (b. 1966)

Watercolor, 2011

Reference#: EP1277

Paper Size:
Height: 19 ¼ inches (48.9 cm.)
Width: 15 ¼ inches (38.7 cm.)

Framed Dimensions:
Height: 26 ½ inches (67.3 cm.)
Width: 22 ½ inches (57.2 cm.)

Tony Henneberg was born in Kiel, West Germany. He and his family moved soon thereafter to Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, to join his grandparents in farming dairy, cattle, and various crops. It was on this farm in Africa that he developed his love of painting animals, working both in watercolor and oils. Though his focus is mainly on birds, his subjects also include landscapes and portraits. Henneberg renders his ornithological subjects with an extraordinary accuracy and attention to naturalistic detail. Painted in a manner reminiscent of Audubon, each bird exhibits a strong and confident pose, commanding a striking presence on the paper. The artist currently lives and works in Pine Plains, NY.

The cedar waxwing is a medium-sized bird of beautifully muted grey, yellow, and brown tones with striking red wax droplets on their secondary feathers, lending the bird its name (“waxwing”). It has a small crest and black mask and feeds mainly on berries and fruits. The cedar waxwing is found in the northern states of the US and in Canada.

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