Set of Five French Chairs

Circa 1825
Reference #: EF1423

One Stamped: L. Bellangé (1759-1827)

Height: 33 ¾ inches [85.7 cm.] Width: 18 inches [45.7 cm.] Depth: 15 ½ inches [39.4 cm.]

Related Example:
Pierre Kjellberg. Le Mobilier Français du XIXieme Siècle. Paris, Les Éditions de L’amateur, 1984. page 62.

Rectangular pierced back comprising four pointed arches and three columns with lotus capitals, the upper frieze centrally pierced with reverse pointed arch with symmetrical floral cartouche carved in deep relief enframed by straight sides carved with graduating, pendant leaves terminating in inverted scrolls. The seat rail undecorated surmounts four legs; the back two are of saber form while the front are cylindrical, waisted in the center by a narrow double band of leaves issuing mirror image upright laurel leaves; the upper register terminating in trailing flowers, the lower carved section ending in further arches resting on flanged bases terminating in high and wide peg feet.

Louis-Alexandre Bellangé (b. 1794) was the son of Pierre-Antoine and nephew of Louis-François, both highly regarded menusiers. After his marriage, he took over his fathers flourishing business in 1825. His work received silver medals in the Expositions of 1827 and 1834. At the Expostions des produits de l’industrie of 1827 he won the medal for furniture made from both indigenous and exotic woods; a table and chair of which were purchased by the Comtesse de Cayla; The chair was of ebony wood and carved in a gothic manner. Other patrons include the Charles X (there are still several examples of his work at Versailles), the Queen of Belgium and the duc d’Orléans.

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