Pair of Massive Landscape Paintings

Circle of Jan Van Os (1744-1804)
oil on canvas
Dutch School, 18th Century

Reference#: EP1164

Height: 98 inches (248.9 cm.)
Width: 50 inches (127 cm.)

Depicting figures by an inn or a vast riverscape with travelers and huntsman in the foreground.

Jan Van Os (1744-1804) moved to The Hague at a young age. He began his career with paintings of seascapes and later became most famous for his still-life paintings. Van Os had two sons and a daughter that became famous in their own right. The eldest son, Pieter Gerardus van Os (1776-1839), devoted himself to landscape paintings filled with cattle, winning a prize in 1808 given by Louis Napoleon for the best landscape of the first public exhibition of Dutch contemporary art in Amsterdam.

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