Pair of Reverse Paintings on Glass of Ladies at Leisure

China, circa 1780 – 1790
Contemporary Chinese painted and giltwood frames
Reference #: T1340

Dimensions with frame (each):
10 ½ x 12 ¼ inches (26.7 x 31.1 cm.)

Ryser Collection, illustrated in Ryser 1991, cover and number 70, page 108.

Painted on the reverse, each lady of regal bearing depicted in mirror image, dressed in a pale, coral-tone robe with gilt and blue floral embellishments and gold-tone silk or velvet cuffs, buttoned at the neck and tied at the collar bone with a blue sash that falls to the side. The ladies richly adorned with a blue and gold amulet of protection and two strands of pearls, a gold bracelet and coral earrings, depicted with delicate features and black hair pulled back beneath a jeweled headdress decorated with two confronting dragons and a flaming pearl flanked by blossoms and three pendant strands of pearls. Delicately holding one hand up to entice the small dog on the table in front of her, she gently rests the other hand on the back of the animal as she looks slightly beyond the viewer, as if to beckon one’s gaze to the trick the dog is about to perform. On the table in the foreground a blue and white porcelain bowl is filled with pomegranates and exotic blossoms. The figure surrounded by a ground of blue-covered silver foil and enclosed in an oval by a pale brown band and moss-green corners.

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