Figure of a Mythological Beast

Vietnam, 16th Century

Reference#: SEAC006

Height: 12 1/2 inches (32 cm)

Similar Example: John Stevenson and John Guy, Vietnamese Ceramics. Avery Press, Chicago: 1997, page 364.

A figure of a NghĂȘ, a mythological lion or guardian figure, sits upright, resting on its haunches, the head strained upward, chest thrust forward in an attitude of readiness and obedience. The creature rests on an slim oval plinth, the scales along its body, the long main, the elaborate curls of its mane and brows are all achieved by vigorous and confident modeling and incising imbuing the animal with vigor and strength. The guardian figure is glazed overall in a rich greenish-ivory tone with defining touches of blue around the eyes and mouth for accentuation. The base is unglazed revealing the buff-gray body.

Condition: tip of tail, upper section of the back left leg, right ear, tip of left ear, tip of eyebrow, tips of crested mane missing.

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