A White Glazed Jar and Cover

Tang dynasty (618-907)

Reference#: PE1455


Height: 10 ΒΌ inches (26.0 cm.)

Diameter: 9 inches (22.9 cm.)

This evenly shaped globular jar, made of yellowish-white earthenware, with a ivory-tinted glaze that falls two thirds down over a white slip, resting on a unglazed base.

Examples of this classic Tang Dynasty elegant form of stoneware have been excavated in Hebei and Henan provinces. Such dynamically contoured jars were made in both stoneware and pottery, with the pottery versions displaying a variety of glazes including green, amber, marbleized, blue as well as sancai patterns. They were generally covered with a white slip in order to conceal the imperfections of the pottery body. The austere simplicity of the second layer of white-tinted glaze, however, is particularly successful on this elegant form.


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