A Round Reverse Glass Painting with lady Embracing Officer, Horse in Back

Circa 1790

Reference#: T1326

Probably scene illustrating Goethe’s “Werther”

Diameter: 12 ½ inches (31.7 cm)

painting depicting an outdoor scene, with a lady embracing a gentleman in front of a bench and two children climbing up his white horse in the background, amidst tall trees and grassy landscape.

A recently published watercolor of a Chinese artist reproducing a western engraving provides invaluable evidence regarding the Cantonese methods of painting on glass. Indicating that European prints were shipped to Canton in a framed and matted state, the watercolor also demonstrates that the painter used not only the print but the entire assemblage as a model. Simulating the frame and the mat in the final product, the artist furthermore duplicated the size of the print, many of which were produced in a standard eighteen by twenty-four inch format dictated by the size of large European folio plates.

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