Reference#: P1842

Qianlong period, circa 1750

Height: 11 inches (27.9 cm.)
Length: 21 3/8 inches (54.3 cm.)

Decorated in underglaze blue, each wine cooler of well-balanced proportions of deep oval form, with swelling mid-section accentuated by a thin molded band and a flat, lipped rim, applied on either side with a fu dog mask and molded above the tall, spreading foot with a lotus petal band, supported on the flat, unglazed footrim with receding base. Painted on either side with a long-tailed pheasant perched on rockwork amongst blossoming peony branches, the scene flanked by the blue masks and bordered by thick diaper bands and a cell diaper on top of the rim, the blue petal band rises above a leiwen scroll and four landscape panels encircle the foot on a diamond diaper ground. The interior is decorated with a boldly painted vignette of further peony branches issuing from rockwork beneath a meandering foliate border comprised of various diapers and blooms.

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