A Jizhou Ware Rice Measure

Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Reference#: PE1395

Diameter: 4 5/8 inches (11.75 cm)
Height: 4 inches (10.16 cm)

Similar Example:
Avril, Dark Jewels, 2002, fig. 45, from the Shatzman Collection, exhibited at Ackland Art Museum, UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Elegantly proportioned rounded vessel, surmounted by a short vertical neck and rolled lip, incised all over with thin vertical striations that mimic basket weave patterns, the neck with small circular raised decorations, the interior covered all over in a thick, brownish-red slip.

These unique small jars are often referred to as Ganzhou ware and were made at the Qili kilns along the Gan River, and at other nearby Jizhou kilns. Such stoneware pieces were most popular during the Southern Song period, and based on evidence of the Sinan shipwreck excavation, production of such wares continued into the fourteenth century.

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