Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD)

Reference#: P6881

Tallest: 23 ½ inches (59.69cm)


The Han Dynasty brought with it a variation of tomb figures. Contining the Qin burial tradition, large independent tombs were planned and supplemented with ceramic burial figures to accompany the deceased in afterlife.

Similar figures, like the group above, were first discovered at the tomb of Han Emperor Jing at Yangling in the northwest corner of Han Chang’an.[1] The fact that they were unearthed nude has significantly differentiated them from earlier examples. Each figure is diverse with their own facial expression while other parts of their body, like their feet and long thin torsos, are generalized. At the time of the burial, each figure would have been adorned with a pair of wooden arms and costumed with full weaponry.

[1] Thorpe and Vinograd, Chinese Art, 142


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