An Italian Console Table

Circa 1800
Reference #: EF1375

In a prominent Swiss Private Collection from 1860 to 1999.

Height: 37 3/8 inches (95 cm.)
Width: 57 ½ inches (146 cm.)
Depth: 24 inches (61 cm.)

The table, with a mottled dark grey marble top, bears a frieze of alternating foliate designs bordered above and below by a pearled register. Portrayed as female griffins, the anterior legs exhibit acanthus leaf capitals, elaborate braided coiffures and three-tiered wings that rest upon fluted serpentine legs terminating in hoof feet. The posterior supports, fashioned as pilasters, are elaborately carved with panels of foliate design and display acanthus capitals at top and leaf tip friezes at the bottom.

Of superior design and highest quality of carving and gilding, this console represents the finest of Italian early Empire furniture at a time when Northern Italy was under the rule of Napoleon. The style of the period drew on ancient Roman designs; themselves often inspired by Etruscan and Greek art.

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