A Chinese Export Armorial Fluted Hexagonal Teapot Stand

circa 1730-35

Reference#: CEPA56

Width: 5 1/2 inches (13.9 cm.)

painted in the center with the Royal Arms of Sweden within an iron-red and gilt floral and foliate-scroll border, the rim with three floral sprays alternating with quatrefoil devices beneath a gilt scallop-and-dot band around the rim.

This teapot stand is from a service made for Ulrika Eleonora (1688-1741), the youngest daughter of King Charles XI of Sweden (1655-97) and Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark (1656-93), who in 1715 married Frederik (1676-1751), the son of Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and Princes Maria Amalia of Courland. During Ulrike Eleonora’s rule as Queen Regnant following the death of her brother, Charles XII (1682-1718). Frederik served as her Prince Consort, but in 1720, she abdicated in his favor, and he succeeded her as Frederik I, King of Sweden, becoming Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel as well in 1730.

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